Hiking in Glacier National Park in British Columbia 

Since the Glacier National Park is just 45 minutes away from Revelstoke,  we decided to use one of our days for a hiking trip there. A lot of people just drI’ve through the park looking at the glaciers but they miss the real beauty of the park.

Unfortunately on this day the weather was very cloudy and rainy.Normally one would be able to see the towering mountains and Glaciers along the highway but on this day the visibility was very limited and several trails have been closed due to grizzly bear activity.

Despite thsee facts we managed to have a very enjoyable day of easy hiking.Most of the hiking trails start at the Illecillewaet campground which is about 5 minutes away from the rogers pass.

We went on the meeting of the waters trail, a pretty easy loop trail infront of the glaciers. The trail leads through an amazing lush area of rainforest along the river.Once again I was surprised about the lush rain forrest in the interior B.C. 

The trail leads to a bridge over the river . Two river meet there and you can see the glacierwater rushing through the green forrest. I had so much fun and forgot about the weather.

After this trail we went on the Rock garden trail.The trail leads as a loop trail through an area with big bolder overlooking the valley and with views of the surrounding mountain.

At the end we had a wonderful day and got despite the weather a good impression of the park and for sure we will be back for more.


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