Sandbanks in Prince Edward County

One of the most unique locations in Ontario are certainly the Sandbank dunes located at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County. The dunes are the largest freshwater dune system in the world.

 The dunes are located on a long Peninsula surrounded by the lake Ontario and an Inlet lake. Several beaches can be found in the park, but the main attraction are the dunes.

Due to severe rainfall and high water levels, some hiking trails were closed, but you can freely walk arround the dunes for miles.

We started at the Dunes Beach, walked along the shore and went inland and I was simply blown away by the scenery. It has some features of a desert and one can really loose the orientation if walking to far. 

The dunes are actually pretty high, much higher than it appears on pictures, soft sand like in the Caribbean and some vegetation and trees.

We didn’t follow any trail, we just walked we wanted to walk and enjoyed the scenery.

We walked for 2 hours around the dunes and I regretted that I didn’t pack more water and we had to return since it became very hot and walking through dunes can be tough.

The Sandbanks are definately a must visit in Ontario. 


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