Long weekend in Prince Edward County.

We used the previous long weekend August 2017 and spent some days in O rinde Edward County. Located about 2.5 hours east of Toronto, the island is not to far away and can be accessed via bridge or Ferry.

Prince Edward County is known for its wineries and the Sandbanks Provincial Park, the largest freshwater dune system in the world.

Our first day we spent driving through the quaint towns Wellington and Bloomfield and Waupoos. Eric stopped at wineries, Antiqueshops, Galleries and coffees.

 We had a very delightful summer day and used the time to explore the area.

The area became in the last year’s more and more popular under Torontonians and visitors from Quebec. Cottages and beautiful houses are located along the shore.

We stopped at the Lake in the mountain for lunch and despite the fact threat it is very touristy, I liked it a lot. 2 nice restaurants with patios invite you to have lune2ch, wine or cider.

On our second day we went hiking through the dunes of the Sandbanks Provincial Park, what totally blew me away since you wouldn’t expect someething like this in Canada.

Walking through the dunes felt a bit like walking in a desert. I will do a seperate blog about this experience.

After 2 days, we felt delighted about our trip and we’re glad we discovered the area


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