Middle Head Hike, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The middle Head trailhead is located right behind the famous Keltic Lodge in Ingonish.Before we left to our trip to Cape Breton, I read a lot about it. Unfortunately on this day it was a bit rainy and foggy, but the trail is highly recommended even on days like this. 

The beginning of the hike leads us through forrest along the headland with nice boss of Cape Smokey and the surrounding coves.

After a short walk we reached a beautiful open meadow. We took our time to enjoy the scenery. 

Middle Head is a rocky Peninsula with steep cliffs.

The trail leads further to the top of the peninsula with several lookouts along the way above the cliffs. 

That’s the scenery I wanted to see in Nova Scotia and the scenery reminded me of Newfoundland.

The fog crawling over Cape Smokey added a picturesque feature to the trail.

The trail is not really difficult, is more an easy hike with some steep sections, but we were happy that we brought out hiking sticks which came in a handy. I would still rate it easy to moderate. We saw older people walking along but some seemed to have problems with the steeper sections.

At the end of the trail is another open meadow overlooking cliffs with several kind of seabirds. Breathing and thinking how happy I am 😊. The trail was not really busy when we started but on our way back we saw a line of people walking along and so it paid off that we left early.

Beside the Skyline trail, the White point trail, this trail was definately one of the favorite trails in Nova Scotia. We need around 2,5 hours for the entire trail and so it makes a perfect getaway for a half day.

Viva Nova Scotia 🤠❤️


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