Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Skyline Trail and Pleasant Bay

Touring around the Corner Breton Highlands National Park has been on our list since a long time. On this Canada day in 2017 we made the ride from our cottage in Ingonish on the eastern part of the Peninsula towards Cheticamp. What is more Canadian than spending this day right here at one of the iconic Canadian drives.

The Highlands unfold with every kilometer and several overlooks are provided to stop along the ride. The first part of the ride goes through the inner Highlands.The Highlands are not really high but the sceneries is what makes this drive so special.

Eventually we reached the Western side of the drive and the sceneries became more breathtaking around every corner.

One of our goals on this day was to hike the Skyline trail , a 7 km trail to an overlook. I have seen pictures of the lookout at the end of the trail but I’ve wasn’t to what I could finally see in person. 

At the end of the trail is a boardwalk going further down to even more amazing views. On our way down we could even see whales going around the steep cliffs.

It’s certainly one of those places where I could spent hours. We had a lunch there, soaked up the sceneries and went back to the parking lot.

On our way back to Ingonish, we stopped at Pleasant Bay, a small town, which is equally beautiful located.

The best Canada day ever❤️


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