Impressions of Lunenburg, and Peggies Cove inNova Scotia

Lunenburg is located approximately 1,5 h away from Halifax. We have heard about the town before and on this beautiful day in July 2017 we planned our trip there and weren’t disappointed.

The entire town is a UNESCO heritage site and full of colorful historic houses. From the opposite site of the Bay on a golf course one can get a beautiful view of the Harbourfront.

Since were short in time and didn’t want to spent too much time walking around we took one of the horse carriages to take us around. There are colorful houses all over.

After we finished the tour we strolled around the harbour front, dotted with restaurants, cafes and shops and for sure we got some fish lunch.

For sure, no visit in Halifax could be done without visiting the landmark Peggy’ s Cover Just a short 45 minutes drive from Halifax. We arrived very early in the morning to avoid the crowds and we had the entire place almost just for us.

The iconic lighthouse, walking around the boulders and seeing the fishermen in the cove, all is so peaceful in the early morning hours.

I was especially amazed by the fishing village, watching the boats and the fishermen, talking with the locals and just enjoying the sceneries along the shore.

3 responses to “Impressions of Lunenburg, and Peggies Cove inNova Scotia

  1. Love your photos of Lunenberg and Peggy’s Cove. I was recently in Lunenberg also, but it was a gray day we took barely any photos of the brightly colored houses. Glad to revisit through this post.

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