Coba Mayan Ruins, Mexico

The Coba Mayan ruins are conveniently located about one hour from the Riviera Maya and they are beside the ruins in Tulum the ruins with shortest distance from the Riviera Maya. 

They are located on a very spread out area and just partly excavated yet, but they have the highest Tempel of all ruins in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Once you entered the ruins you are able to rent a bicycle and ride through the area. This is an option which I highly recommend  since it is much faster than walking around. You are also able to hire tourguides. Near the entrance is the first impressive Tempel and the ballcourt.

On your way to the highest Tempel you will pass several other very interesting Tempels and ballcourts.

Once you reached the main Tempel you can walk up the stairs. The Maintempel is a very impressive building.

The Mayan ruins in Coba are much busier than the ruins in Ek Balam which we visited before, but when you are in the area it is certainly one of the main attractions near the Riviera Maya. 

Riding a bicycle is fun and the area has much more shade than other ruins.


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