The Mayan ruins in Ek Balam, Mexico

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Mayan ruins in Ek Balam. They are located around 2h drive from the Maya Riviera where we spent a week. We have seen the ruins in Tulum some years ago, so we opted for other ruins. Since the more favors Chichen Itza Is always full of tourists we decided to visit the lesser known Ek Balam ruins, a trip which was definately one of the highlights of our vacation.

The ruins have been excavated some 15 years ago and just a small part had been uncovered yet, but what we have seen is likely one of the most unique Mayan ruins in the Yucatán península.

Near the entrance of the ruins are the arch and a ballcourt, which is typical for a lot of Mayan settlements. 

We had the chance to talk to one of the people who actually excavated the side and so we received a lot of first hand information about the Mayan culture.

The tallest Tempel ist taller than Chichen Itza and one can climb the stairs on top of the Tempel.

The most unique feature of the main Tempel are the stone carvings on the walls which are located halfway to the top of the Tempel. Normally I would expect carvings like this in Thailand our Asia but not on a Mayan Tempel.

Despite the best I managed to climb up the stairs to the top. From there I had an incredible view of the other ruins around the main Tempel.

In the way be back is another Tempel which can be climbed for even more impressive views of the ruins.

At the moment the Ek Balam ruins are lesser visited than Chichen Itza, but my best assumption is that this will change soon and so you should go as long as you have a chance.


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