Impressions of Huatulco, México

Huatulco has been always one of our favorite destinations in Mexico beside Puerto Vallarta. Due to the location you can be sure of a good weather guarantee. 

Also this year we didn’t see a single cloud in 7 days. Another advantage of the location is that it is not overdeveloped. 

Just a few all-inclusive hotels can be found, gorgeous deserted beaches, clear water and relatively calm waters compares to other Pacific locations.

We stayed this time at the Last Brisas Huatulco, which is located in an amazing bay on the hills surrounding the bay. Great views everywhere.

Another thing that I also love is that you are able to see the Pacific with the back drop off the Sierra Madre mountain which gives Huatulco a unique feature. Unlike other Mexican resort town, the taxi price are still low, you are not gonna find any Starbucks’store, the area is very safe.

There are several smaller towns in this area which are worth to discover, La Crucecita, Santa María Huatulco and a bit further some smaller surf towns, all of them still with a laid back feeling.

You are still able to access the Sierra Madre Mountains in 45 minutes. Pluma Hidalgo Is one of the destinations the which should be on the bucket list.

The area is well-known for its coffee and Mezcal, the stronger version of the Tequila.

Most of the people who visit the area are Canadians with some Americans. We enjoyed the company of a lot of Mexicans in our hotel.So, if you love Mexico, you should give Huatulco a try.


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