A day in Pluma Hidalgo,Oaxaca

Pluma Hidalgo is a small town in the Sierra Madre mountain range approximately 1 hour away from Huatulco, México on the Pacific coast. During our recent stay in Huatuco we took the chance to go up into the mountains to visit the town.

 Since the town is located at an elevation of 1400 meters, just the drive is already a great experience and a great way to see the Sierra Madre mountain.

Several overlooks give a chance to see the beauty of the Sierra Madre. The area is in Oaxaca pretty famous for their coffee and Mezcal, a stronger version of the Tequila.

Pluma Hidalgo Is surrounded by the Sierra Madre and you get wonderful views on every corner of Street around the town place. 

It smells like coffee everywhere and you see real Mexican life.

After walking around the town and some good coffee, we made it even higher up into the mountains for a lunch at the Finca de Gabriel, which is also a small hotel with a beautiful property. We had pretty awesome Mexican lunch prepared on traditional stoves. 

We walked around the vast property and were once again amazed by the views. 

We were always  big admirers of the Mexican culture and people and this trip gives you a good impression of the life in rural Mexico outside of the big cities and resorts.


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