Trinidad, Cuba- walking through the colonial time

During our recent stay in Cuba we took finally the chance to visit Trinidad in the southern part of Cuba.It has been on our bucket list since a long time, but due to the distance from our locations we always struggled to make the long ride. But this time we finally made it!

Trinidad is located in the southern part of Cuba near the mountains.This part of Cuba is totally different than the northern part where all of the beach resorts are located. The mountains line the valleys and the streets and the ride was pretty spectacular. 

The old colonial area around the town square is very well preserved and very colourful.Seveal museeums and churches are located there.

But the real treasure of Trinidad are in my eyes all of the colourful sidestreets which are made of cobblestones with the backdrop of the surrounding mountains. 

One can simply walk into one of the streets and you will be rewarded with fantastic views and streetlife. 

Despite beeing a tourist destination filled with restaurants,  the town feels still very authentic.I wish we would have had more time to walk around or stay there over night.

Due to the fact that Trinidad is a very small town it has more a rural colonial feeling than other colonial cities like Havanna and San Juan and actually I enjoyed it much more.

I highly recommend a visit to Trinidad to everybody who is interested in architecture and authentic Cuban lifestyle.


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