Playa Ensenachos, Cuba

Playa Ensenachos is a jaw dropping beach at the Iberostar Ensenachos in Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. The beach and the hotel  are located approximately 90 minutes from the Airport in Santa Clara.

I have seen a lot of beautiful beaches but this beach belongs definitely to the top beaches in the world despute the dact that it is not so well known like other beaches. 

The clearest water you can imagine on a 1.5 km beach.

The beach is perfect for beach walking and relaxing, just an amazing spot with a lot of palapas for shade.

During low tidea the beach becomes much wider and you will be able to see starfishes.

Behind the beach are sand dunes, mangroves and palms. 

The waves are usually calm since the beach is not directly on the ocean and so not exposed to the weather there.

Just a heaven for beach lovers.

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