Westside Wine Trail in West- Kelowna- a delightful feast for the eyes and soul

​One of our plans while staying in Kelowna was for sure to visit some wineries along the Lake Okanagan. There are several driving routes to see the wineries. We decided to drive along the Westside wine trail.

The main reason was our intention to see the popular Mission Hill Winery.   The Westside Wine trail starts in West Kelowna and pretty well marked.

Shortly after we exited the highway and drove on the road, the first wineries became visable. Once again, the Okanagan Valley reminded me more and more of California.

We stopped at the first Wineries which had already beautiful views. That’s what we wanted to see.It wasn’t busy at all since we started our journey pretty early.

We made a further stop on the Lake Okanagan and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. There is always a place to stop along the trail.

Eventually we reached the Mission Hill Winery which is much different to other wineries.It has a spanish- meditarenean style and is also a big tourist attraction.

We didn’t take a Winery tour,  we were walking around the Winery which is simply amazing. 

The architecture of the Winery fits perfect in the surrounding landscape. Apparently some famous singers use the Winery also as a concert location.

There is a restaurant on the side overlooking the valley and winegarden. Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived.

You get pretty amazing views in every corner of the property. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.


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