Cruising around the Lake Okanagan, British Columbia

​After our recent trip to Revelstoke we took the chance to stay a few nights in Kelowna to explore the Okanagan Valley and I have to admit it was a big surprise for us. I never recognized before that this area would be worth to explore,  but I was sooooooooo wrong.

Driving around the Lake Okanagan is so delightful and somehow it reminded my of California just without palms.

Especially the road driving between Vernon and Kelowna is simply amazing and picturesque.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like Canada at all, mostly due to the dry and treeless his around the Lake which is so untypical for Canada but somehow very refreshing.

The vinery es along the road are worth to stop and enjoy the scenerie. Before I was never a big fan of wine tours but with the surrounding beautiful landscape it makes a great stop on a roadtrip.

A stop at the Knox Mountain Park and a hike there gives everyone a great first impression. There are several hiking trails.We choose to go along the lake shore and I wish we would have had taken more time there.

We drove north and south of Kelowna and I don’t think there is a bad spot for a stop.The views just get more and more impressive. There are several small communities along the lake which are worth to check out.we stopped in Peachland, a small community. The life there seems to be so easy.

After the short time at the Okanagan Valley I was already convinced to come back for a longer stay and discover the area south if Kelowna. I can’t wait!!!

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