Mount Revelstoke National Park B.C.

The Mount Revelstoke National Park in British Columbia can be easily accessed from Revelstoke via the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. The parkway leads with several switchbacks to a parking lot from where you can either

use a free shuttle to the top or make a 30 minute hike up there. Just the Parkway has already beautiful lookouts. Every single one of them is worth to stop. You get great views of the Columbia River Valley and the surrounding

Mountain ranges. I recommend to take your time and just enjoy the scenery. The drive will take about 30 minutes, with stops about 1 hour; depending on your schedule.

There is a parking lot at the end of the road and free shuttles to the top. This national park is likely one of the easiest ways in Canada to enjoy the views and the scenery without longer hikes. Several short hiking trails lead through the area to Amazing viewpoints 

Those hiking trails are suitable for all ages. There are a few longer hiking trails of about 10 km return leading to even more beautiful lakes and viewpoints. We came in September and were still able to enjoy the

Wildflowers in blossom which added a nice feature. Some of the longer trails have been restricted due to grizzly bear activity.


The first short hike we took was the Firetower -Lookout trail which leads to an old firetower overlooking the mountains and

the valley. Just amazing how easy it is to access these viewpoints. All of the hiking trails are loop trails and it is easy to navigate around. We spent a lot of time just standing and sitting there to enjoy the beauty of the mountain.

Once we finished this trail, we went towards the First-Footsteps trail which leads to even more beautiful scenery and viewpoints. This is definitely my favourite one of all the easier hiking trails since one is even able to see the Glacier National Park. 

I could have spent hours there just to sit and walk around. Fortunately the sky was pretty clear and so we could soak up the scenery.

The Mount Revelstoke National Park is definitely on a clear day a must for all visitors in the area .The Park is due to his size in the shadow of the Banff national Park, but absolutely comparable to the beauty. The Alpine Hiking on top of the mountains

It is the same beautiful like hiking the Sunshine Meadows near Banff and even nicer due to the fact that you get a closer look at the mountains.


5 responses to “Mount Revelstoke National Park B.C.

  1. Your pictures are breath-taking. Sadly my partner and I only stopped at Revelstoke for a lunch break (we drove from Vancouver to Calgary), so seeing your pictures made me go “aw shucks I missed a good one”. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I plan to make that roadtrip again! 🙂

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