Revelstoke – a hidden gem in the interior British Columbia 

Revelstoke,  located on the Columbia Rivery near the TransCanada Highway is the perfect base to explore the Mount Revelstoke National Park and the Glacier National Park, which are very close. Revelstoke does not get the attention like Banff or Jasper despite the same beautiful scenery and has less tourist which makes it even more attractive. The town is located on the Columbia River and about a 2 hour drive away from Kelowna.

The landmark of the town is certainly the Mount Begbie.We even got a perfect room overlooking the Mountain and the valley along the River 

Revelstoke is one of these cute Canadian towns in the mountain where every second wait or is from Australia, everything is about bears and the core has a lot of charme.

Dont expect to see fancy restaurents and shops.The life here is about outdoor activities.

The nearby Mount Revelstoke National Park is in my eyes one of the underrated Parks in Canada.It provides easy access to the top with beautiful views.There are several short hiking trail which give you already breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains,  glaciers and the Columbia River.

There are longer hiking trails leaving from the top and in September the flowers are out and it is just mind inspiring to walk around at the meadows.

Revelstoke is about 45 minutes away from the Glacier Nationa Park which us another treat for the eyes.I will describe our explorations in future posts.


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