Day trip from Puerto Vallarta to San Sebastian del Oeste

The town of San Sebastian del Oeste is located about 1 hour away from Puerto Vallarta in the Sierra Madre mountain range. On our way there we passed several mountain valley’s and little Mexican communities. There are several overlooks on the way which gives you a great overview of the mountains and we realized how high we already were.


The drive is pretty spectacular and I regretted that we didn’t have much time to sto




Once we reached the town, we took our napsacks and water bottles and started to walk around this old Mexican minin


g town.

The cobblestone streets and small houses are overlooked by the mountains and the town church. We felt very safe and saw a lot of other tourists,  so we decided to walk even further into town and we could soak up a typical Mexican street life in the mountains. The town us very clean and



I assume you can easily spend a day here just walking around even though it is not very big but full of small scenic side streets  which are waiting to


be explored.

It didn’t feel so hot anymore up here in the mountains. We reached the town plaza and stopped for some


delicious lunch.

We continued our walk through the town and took our time to enjoy the scenerie. If you are on the area of Puerto Vallarta and want to see something different you should consider a trip to San Se




bastian del Oeste.


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