Costa Rica Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is certainly one of the best beaches in Guanacaste, some people say in Costa Rica. It has white sand and partly you walk in crunched shells. It’s located near the village of Brasilito and despite the Westin which is located on the beach it feels never crowded.


A lot of  ticos  use the beach and on weekends and holidays you will see a lot of families who set up their tents and chairs and enjoy the beach. If you go further,  you will have less crowds and actually the best part of the beach.


The water can be rough at times and drops pretty quickly but it is c still very enjoyable. At high tide the beach is getting smaller so we scheduled or beach time around low tide. It’s a perfect beach for walking and sunbathing too plus it’s very scenic with the backdrop of the mounta



At times we could hear howler monkeys in the trees. At the party of the beach that is closer to Brasilito are vendors and chair rentals. It’s certainly a great day trip when you are in the area and you get a good feeling for Tico beach







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