Orcas, Orcas, Orcas…day 3 on Vancouver Island

We had never much luck seeing whales in the past. So I was not very hopeful to see them this time. We booked a Zodiak tour with a local tour company. We had already fun jumping into our water suits.


The tour guide mentioned that we will need likely 30 minutes highspeed ride to catch up with a orca pod and then we stopped and OMG we were right in a middle of an orca-pod..we were surrounded by them and did not know where to look fi




They came close to the Zodiak, went under the boat and then we saw more and more coming into our direction.Everybody got so




It’s unbelievable how the sight of these whales turned everybody into


little c


They didn’t seem to be impressed by the boat and just followed their trail. The sight of the Orcas with the back drop of mountains and hills


was just spe


We stayed there for one hour and we couldn’t get enough of it. Pictures cannot describe how majestic


these animals

are looking.

On our way back the



tour stopped at a

sealion colony.

I am still excited writing this blog and I guess I am gonna dream about it for a few days lol.


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