Coastal Hiking in Vancouver Island

On the first day of our trip we went to the East  Sooke Regional  Park. The park offers easy accessible coastal hiking trails with gorgeous scenerie, rainforest,  headlands and secluded beaches.


Just walking through the rainforest in order to reach the coast…wow wow wow. It’s getting better every step and we took it easy to enjoy the scenerie. Once we reached the coast we knew that we picked the right place for a coastal hike


Lovely sand beaches with clear water and several lookout points give you ac real west coast feeling that we have been looking for.


The trail is moderate and not hard at all and you get a reward with every



We reached a location with first nation petroglyphs,passed secluded beaches and hiked through rainforest. It has it all alh


Our last trail was to a great lookout point on top of a cliff with breathtaking view of the Strait Juan de  Fuca
Olympic Mountain range.

We just felt happy and relaxed at the


end of the day.


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