Hiking Sunshine Meadows

Hiking on the Sunshine Meadows near Banff was always on our list and we used our trip to Kananaskis to go there since it is just a 30 minute drive from Canmore. A shuttle bus took us high up into the mountain to the trailhead. From there leads the trail into the meadows.


We passed the continental divide and it was such a great feeling walking on a high altitude with this scenerie. You see the snow capped mountains and we finally realized how high we were.


We reached the Rock Isle Lake and it took our breath away.



I could have stayed there for hours but we decided to go further.


The trail leads through high forest with small creeks,  waterfalls and beautiful wildflowers. After passing another lake we reached a lookout point with a view of the mountain valley. This trail had everything what we were looking for.



Latest here we realized that we were really high up in the mountain. Er did another loop around a lake and began to hike back to the trail center since we had to catch up the last shuttle down.
What a hike and what a day. It felt almost unreal to be there.




2 responses to “Hiking Sunshine Meadows

  1. Beautiful shots!! I’ve only ever passed through Sunshine coming in/out of Assiniboine… I think I need to make a day of this 🙂 Thanks for the great post.

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