Road trip on the Kananaskis Trail

A drive along the Kananaskis Trail is certainly in of the most scenic drives in Canada and in my opinion comparable to the Icefield Parkway or the Sea to Sky Highway.


As further you go as more impressive it gets and I felt like making pictures around every corner.


Since the beginning of the highway is on lower elevation you get a great view of the surrounding Rocky Mountain and just the rise was worth the flight there.


Eventually the trail leads to a higher elevation with even more beautiful scenerie. The drive is pretty easy since the most tourist head towards Banff without knowing about this gem just south of it.


Eventually you will teach the Highwood Pass what is the highest paved pass in Canada.


If you are in this area plan a trip along the Kananaskis trail and you will get a real view  of the Rocky Mountain without being rushed by tons of tourists.


6 responses to “Road trip on the Kananaskis Trail

      • can you email me directly? I got an error message last time even though you seem to have gotten my message.

      • Oh – I understand. I am working with the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton – they are designing displays for their new building and one of our curators is interested in the second to last image on this post. I’m afraid it will be too small for our purposes. So if you e-mail me directly, I can explain. Or if you would rather, you can contact Karen Jensen at the museum. You can call the Government of Alberta toll free number 310-0000 from anywhere in Alberta and when prompted, give the number 780-453-9100.

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