Day 4 of our Trip to Kananaskis

On our last day in Kananaskis we stayed near Canmore and did one of must-do-hikes in this area- Grassi Lakes. The trail head is close to town and the trail is very popular so that we left pretty early to avoid the crowds.  There are 2 trails leading to lakes,  one of them is easy and one harder in sections but the best option is to use the harder one to get to the lakes and the easy one to return.


The trail is very scenic and actually not really hard just when you get closer to an overlook. From there you will have a fantastic view of a waterfa



At the end of the trail are two lakes with a sensational color which can be compared to other lakes near Banff and which are the same breathtaki




We spend roughly one hour walking around the two lakes,  having lunch and we went a bit further to a point where you get a great view of the lakes and the valley. the hike should not be missed when you are in this area and is roughly 4 km for a round trip.Once you are up there you will see it with your own eyes why it is one of the best way hikes in


the area.

We took the easy trail back down and realized how far up we have hiked before.


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