Day 1 of our trip to Kananaskis, Alberta


The first day of our trip was essentially a road trip along the Kananaskis Trail, a scenic highway which is in my mind totally comparable to the Icefield Parkway at the Banff National Park. The big advantage of the Kananaskis area is that it is by far not so touristy and crowded like Banff but it has the same beauty. We stayed 5 days in Canmore.
Our first stop was at the Barrier Lake and  from there it was getting better and better.


Near the lake we found a little hiking trial to a beautiful lookout over the Kananaskis Valley.


We continued driving on the highway and made several stops on some lakes and ponds.


Due to the heatwave in Eastern Canada we decided to avoid long hikes and just went to some lookout points.


We went further south and reached finally the Highwood Pass, the highest paved pass in Canada. We did a short hike at a meadow trail and returned then back to Canmore. Alltogether a perfect day.


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