Long weekend in La Jolla-California


Yes,  we made it finally to California. We planned this trip since a while,  my first trip to California. We stayed in La Jolla, a cute little suburb of San Diego. The perfect base for for driving around and the town is pretty neat and scenic.


For sure I had to make a selfie with one of the seals infront of our hotel.


The shoreline around La Jolla is a real treat and we got a sense of the Californian lifestyle.  We didn’t intent to hang around San Diego rather we planned some relaxing time and day trips and experience some Californian feelings. So we took it easy on the first day.


I was always amazed by any type of water animals,  so I took like hundred million pictures of seals.



Actually I was surprised by the color of the water since it looked pretty blue.



I do not even know if anybody will read my blog but I will continue to blog  about every day of our trip since my boss is on vacation and I got some time at work.


2 responses to “Long weekend in La Jolla-California

  1. What a gorgeous location. I love the seals and the colour of the water. It must be a great spot of relax. Great pics.

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