My favourite beaches

1. Megans Bay, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Megans Bay is located on the north coast of Saint Thomas, a 10 minute taxi drive from the capitol.Due to his fame it can become very crowded, but once you get there early enough, you will have the beach almost for yourself and there is no shortage of space and beach chairs. The water is unbelieveble clear and it is a true paradise for swimming and beach walking.


2. Cacaluta beach, Huatulco, Mexico

The beach can only be reached via water taxi or via hiking trail, but once you reach it, you can swim and relax in an incredible setting.Due to it remote location, you will have the beach likely for yourself.


3. Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Grenadas beaches are spectacular in generall, but this beach is certainly on the top of the list. The white sand and the clear water will make your eyeshurt and you dont want to leave this beach. Despite the fact that it will be busy, the beach is large enough and especially when you go further up the beach, you will always find s great spot to spend some hours


4. Cane Bay, St. Croix

This beach is an underdog, but for me it is a delightful change to other beaches.The location reminds me a bit of Hawai and it is away from the normal tourist places.You have to go on the North Shore-drive, but every taxi driver will know about it.


5. Pinneys beach, Nevis

The beach is in a wonderful setting, with the peak of Nevis in the background.Long walks, miles of beaches with turquoise water and a gorgeous backdrop of mountains in lush green.The scenerie cannot get much better than this




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